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“I want to thank you for being such a generous and talented teacher. I find your work very inspirational and I don’t think I would have followed this dance path if I hadn’t come down to Eugene! Our groups and classes draw on improvisation mostly and a lot of DanceAbility methodology. We cite your work often.”

∼Shara Weaver

Teacher Certification Participant

Propellerdance, Canada

“My experience of working and learning with you, and the other participants, continues to be a great source of inspiration for me to this day. I feel that the knowledge I gained while doing the DanceAbility training has probably had the largest impact on my dance/teaching career. I am grateful for this.”

~Calla Lachance of Toronto,

Workshop participant

DanceAbility Canada


MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre

MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre is a performing arts organization that offers classes and performances to Calgarians of all abilities. They bring artists and prospective artists with disabilities together with professional artists of many kinds.

MoMo Activites

MoMo facilitates weekly community and ensemble classes for both beginners and more experienced dancers. They create improvisational, multi-disciplinary performance works to present throughout the Calgary theatre season.

To email Artistic Director and certified DanceAbility teacher Pamela Boyd, click here»

or visit: www.momodancetheatre.org »


Propeller Dance

Propeller Dance is an independent non-profit organization co-founded by Shara Weaver, certified DanceAbility teacher, Renata Soutter and Alan Shain in the spring of 2007. Propeller Dance is the only organization in Canada with the sole mandate of providing dance programming to people with and without disability. Propeller Dance is staffed artistically and administratively by Shara, Renata and Alan. The new organization is overseen by a board of directors, under Ontario law.

For more information about Propeller Dance visit their website at www.propellerdance.com »

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