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“I came to Eugene to learn DanceAbility because this kind of work doesn’t exist in Argentina. I want to understand my own body better and understand more deeply other people’s bodies and make people in Argentina conscious of the possibilities.”

~Marina Gubbay of Buenos Aires,

Workshop participant, a dancer

who had a stroke affecting her

right arm and leg

DanceAbility Latin America

A large donation from Marisa de Leon of Eugene, Oregon is fueling the Latin America project. Marisa, a visionary woman born in Montevideo, Uruguay, founded Escuela Franklin Delano Roosevelt there in 1941 for children with disabilities.She became a supporter of DanceAbility International because of her passion to expand expressive opportunities for children. To read more about Marisa, please click here ».

DanceAbility International, together with Latin American partners, envisions inclusive dance communities spreading throughout Latin America, connecting people with and without disabilities through art. Escuela Franklin Delano Roosevelt will be a major center for training.

For more information about existing integrated dance communities in Latin America, please visit the country listings below.

Marisa’s funds are enabling DanceAbility workshops to be offered affordably all over Latin America. Scholarships to attend classes are being offered to those in need. In 2010 and beyond, month-long DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses in Uruguay and elsewhere will provide an opportunity for educators to learn the DanceAbility methods and become local leaders. The program will support the development of amateur and professional mixed-abilities performances to be showcased throughout Latin America. DanceAbility International and Latin American partners are currently working to make teaching materials available in Spanish.

We would love to hear from dance teachers and organizations in Latin America who would like to partner in expanding dance opportunites for all people. If you are interested in bringing DanceAbility to your community or region, please click here».


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The team of Danza Sin Límites (Dance Without Limits) promotes the diffusion, teaching, and practice of inclusive dance. DanceAbility is one of the central methods that they draw on in their work. In all their activities they recognize differences as valuable resources that enrich the expressions of people and communities. It was founded in 1997 by Andrea Fernández, Marina Gubbay and Gabriela Guebel, who continue to be co-directors.

To email the team of Danza Sin Límites in Spanish or English, click here»

or visit: www.danzasinlimites.org » (Spanish language site).

You may also phone Gabriela Guebel in English or Spanish: (5411) 4544-9824


Alito was in Brazil in 2007 for six weeks for DanceAbility workshops and a choreography commission called Joy Lab Research, which premiered at SESC in São Paulo.

Neca Zarvos, a certified DanceAbility teacher, directs Núcleo Dança Aberta, a company producing mixed abilities dance and theatre events and programs in São Paulo.

To email Neca Zarvos in English, Portugese or Spanish, click here»

or phone: 55-11-30620589 or 55-11-81058075

or visit: www.nucleodancaaberta.blogspot.com » (Portugese language site).

Fernanda Amaral, a certified DanceAbility teacher, directs Danca sem Fronteiras (Dance without Borders), a professional mixed ability dance company producing and running mixed abilities dance workshops, events and educational programs as well as professional performances, based in Sao Paulo.

To email Fernanda Amaral in English, Portuguese and Spanish, click here. Or reach her by phone at 55-11-969397152.

Also, be sure to check out her website .


One of the objectives of the DanceAbility Chile project, which is based in Santiago, is to promote diverse experiences and through dance and reflection, while maintaining the skills learned from the workshops. The DanceAbility Chile project works together with the "Taller Exploratorio de Danza Integradora" (Exploring Integrated Dance Workshop). This workshop stresses the importance of generating a dialogue between bodies through movement, while respecting the abilities of each person. The workshop is designed to be a space for exploration of body language and the value of expressive movement. We are looking for people with diverse abilities who are interested in constructing, communicating, expressing, and reflecting.

Team: Angela Vega - Javiera Sanhueza - Nicolas Cottet

Websites: www.danceabilitychile.blogspot.com » and www.danza-integradora.blogspot.com »

To receive more information about DanceAbility Chile, you can email them by clicking here »


In January 2004, DanceAbility method founder Alito Alessi taught at the National School of Dance Nellie y Gloria Campobello. That same year Ma. de Lourdes Arroyo M., Valentina Castro and Rosana Padilla of Mexico became Certified DanceAbility Teachers. In 2008, Directors Arroyo M. and Martha Heredia formed Foundation DanceAbility International Mexico to continue inclusive dance in Mexico. Arroyo M. now directs the Foundation. Classes are being offered in different institutions such as Cenesdi, deportivo Aragón, bartec, APAC, and others.

For information about DanceAbility in Mexico, you can write in English or Spanish to:

Foundation DanceAbility International Mexico
Lulu Arroyo M. Director »


The Directors of DanceAbility Uruguay are Lucía Bidegain and Martín Recto.

There are about fifteen Certified DanceAbility Teachers in Uruguay. Some teach ongoing DanceAbility classes for children at Escuela Franklin Roosevelt. Others teach various classes and workshops for adults. In the past few years, DanceAbility International has partnered with the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), Plataforma–a production arm of the Dirección Nacional de Cultura, La Pista, Asociasión Nacional para el Niño Lisiado (National Association for the Disabled), and Facultad de Psicología at the Universidad de la República.

Read more about Escuela Franklin Roosevelt »

To email DanceAbility Uruguay in English or Spanish, click here»

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DanceAbility International
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