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“I would normally think that able–bodied people wouldn’t accept me and my physical limitations, my physical condition. So something like this, dancing in a workshop, certainly boosts my confidence in just being myself.”

∼Disabled Workshop Participant

DanceAbility U.S.


DanceAbility International, our home base in Eugene, Oregon »

Disability Art & Culture Project
Founders and directors of the Disability Art & Culture Project, Erik Ferguson and Kathy Coleman are Certified DanceAbility Teachers. To learn more, please visit their website: www.dacphome.org »


Amanda Herman, a Certified DanceAbility Teacher and MFA graduate of the University of Oregon dance program, is active in teaching inclusive dance in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

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Elsewhere in the United States

There are other certified DanceAbility teachers around the United States. To find out if there are DanceAbility teachers in your region, please click here to send us an email »

Photo Credits: Michael Kevin Daly

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