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DanceAbility International Funding Sources

Thank You

    Your contributions and those from the people and companies listed below help us create a society that better celebrates our beautiful diversity. Visit our support page to find a way to help DanceAbility International that is best suited for you.

2017-2018 Contributors

  • Lane Arts Council
  • Larson Family Foundation
  • Miller Foundation
  • National Endowment of the Arts
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • PFS Med
  • Register Guard
  • Rowell Brokaw Architects
  • Thanks to all of our generous individual donors

2015-2016 Contributors

  • Travel Ticker
  • Gordon D. Wright and Anne G. Moffett Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • Lane Arts Commission
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • PFS Med
  • Wheeler Foundation

    Rural DanceAbility Scholarship Fund for Lane Teens:

  • Bright Crosswall
  • Geni Morrow and Charlie
  • Meir and Tom Faxon
  • Sean Lee
  • Gail Richards and Bruce Abel
  • Shannon Mockli
  • ken Doxsee
  • Trinity and Louis Carosio
  • Sharon Laube

    Other Generous Individuals:

  • Hope Pressman
  • Dennis Hollenburg and Diane Steeck
  • Gordon Wright and Anne Moffett
  • Anne Fabian
  • Denise Fearn
  • Sally Van Dusen
  • Marshall and Susan Peter
  • John Meyer
  • Dr. Keith and Nonda Stenshoel
  • Lola Broomberg
  • Ginfer Ottesen
  • Fredrick and Donna Gent
  • Geni Lu Morrow
  • Wendy Lee Ruble
  • Tony Yosco
  • Mark Quistad
  • Jane Johnston
  • Maureen Manning
  • David Spievack
  • Tylar Merrill
  • Steve Christiansen
  • Paul and Pat Frishkoff
  • Anonymous

    Programs Support provided in part by:

  • Gordon D. Wright & Anne G. Moffett Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
  • Plum Creek Foundation
  • Lane County Cultural Coalition
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Western Lane Community Foundation
  • In-Kind Donations

  • Century Print
  • Pegasus Pizza
  • Whirled Pies
  • Track Town Pizza
  • Walnut Ridge Vineyard
  • Hervert Pharmaceuticals

2014 Contributors

    Operational Support provided in part by:

  • Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Xcape Dance Academy
  • Larson Family Foundation
  • ChameleonJohn »
  • Programs Support provided in part by:

  • Lane County Cultural Coalition
  • Benefit Hosts:

  • Falling Sky Brewery (Eugene, OR)
  • Sweaty Ganesh Yoga (Eugene, OR)
  • Contributed to the November, 2014 Raffle

  • Thanks to all who contributed to the raffle: Trader Joe’s, Synergy Massage, About Touch, Sundance Natural Foods, Saturday Market, Passionflower Design, The Kiva, Leah Edelman, Sharon Meyers
  • Individual Donors/Volunteers

  • Emery Blackwell, Karen Daly, Michael Kevin Daly, Shannon Knight, Jocelyn Lescarbeau, Tylar Merrill, Shannon Mockli, Anonymous

2013-2014 Contributors

    Kickstarter Donors

  • Thanks to those who donated to our Kickstarter campaign, to film Alito Alessi and Karen Daly’s trip teaching the DanceAbility method in Indonesia, Mongolia and the Philippines as official U.S. State Department Art Envoys; Donors include Joan Hanna, Margit Galanter, Mary Ganzon, Steve Paxton, Tom Giebink, Julie Oak, Karen Peterson, Neca Zarvos, Alexis Jewell, Pam Whyte, Sonny Boyardee, Erik Ferguson, David Alessi and Lisa Meyers-Alessi, Tom Faxon, Wendy Peterman, Lauren Tietz, Laura Hiszczynskyi, Sjahari Hollands, Aya Spievack, Amy Pollard, Heather Morrell, Robin Stiehm, Oliva Whitmer-O’Hare, Ming-Shen Ku, Ronja Verkasalo, Art Edelmann, Steve Christiansen, Pat Frishkoff, Shannon Mockli, Yulia Arakelyan, Heather Kidd, Richard Loescher, Tylar Merrill, Charlene Liu, Nayibe Sanchez, Kate Hamer, Claudia Neumayer, Scarlette Cheng, Marsha Shankman, Tammy Green, Robin McCullough, David Hardesty, Sanford Lewis, Lauren Byrne, Maho Shimada, Philip Clement, Tiger Lily, Shawn Buller, Clarissa Hurst, Cindy Cummings, Yandi Junaidi Liauw, Jerilyn Spring, Jan Cornall, Kara Andrade, Shirley West, Wendy Ruble and Fabio Micco.

    ‘Don’t Leave Me’ Project

  • Funded in part by grants from the Oregon Community Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, and Lane Arts Council, with support from the City of Eugene Cultural Services Division. The following donated time or space and/or sponsorship and funding: Broadway Commerce Center, Michael Kevin Daly, Connie Michael, Margie Myska, Robert Uehlin, Keith Wohlberg, Lane Community College Department of Dance, Shannon Mockli, Bonnie Simoa, Marian Moser, University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Larson Family Foundation and Eugene Healing Center.

2007-2012 Contributors

  • Alicia Swaringen and Body Wisdom Therapy
  • Alison A. Designs
  • BHS Pharmacy
  • Blink New Media »
  • Broadway Commerce Center »
  • Jennifer Olsen and About Touch Massage
  • Jenya Lemeshow and Synergy Massage
  • Joint Forces Dance Company »
  • Lane Arts Council
  • Ninkasi Brewing Company »
  • Passionflower Design
  • Per Kielland-Lund Photography
  • Saturday Market
  • University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts
  • Vistra Framing & Gallery
  • Ashoka (global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs)
  • Café Mam
  • Dance For a Reason and all their generous dancers, around Eugene
  • Escuela Roosevelt, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Fulbright Program (of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, U.S.)
  • Full City Bakery, Passionflower Design, and Sundance Natural Foods of Eugene, Oregon
  • Kinsman Foundation
  • Lane Arts Council, Oregon
  • Lane County Cultural Coalition, Oregon
  • Marisa de Leon Endowment»
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • Umpqua Bank Community Giving Program
  • U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, Finland
  • U.S. Embassy in Vienna, Austria
  • Thanks to all of our individual donors

October 2008 Silent Auction for funding free school assemblies

  • HOSTS: Anne Fabian and Donna Gent, Board Members
  • ART/GIFT CERTIFICATE: Jeya Aerenson, Jeanette Baker, Jacque Brown, Peg Cornberg, Rogena Degge, Lois Enmann, Irina Fraedrick, Edie Hise, Brian Lanker, Judy Morris, Renee Nelson, Kay Pederson, John Rose, Jerry Ross, Roberta Roth, Elizabeth Rowan, Joy Woodard
  • MONETARY DONORS: Jill Adkin, Virginia Anderson, Dr. Cristin Babcock and Eric Gullander, Barbara and Joel Bengiat, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bruer, Shauna Daughters, Art Edelmann, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elston, Teri Fowler, G.M.H. Hanavan, Sherry and Wesley Lachman, Dr. and Mrs. Kendall Hill, Doug Lyons, Mary McDonald and Larry Hamblen, Nancy Meltzoff, Kathleen Nason, Marilyn Powers, Richard and Marion Procarione, Mr. and Mrs. Burt Schwarz, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stalker, Lami Stenshoel, Nonda Stenshoel, Dr. John Stringer, Don Tykeson, Ellen Tykeson and Ken Hiday, James Volkman, Jennifer West, Bob and Lona Wilkins, Andrea and Brent Woodridge

Other Past Donors (besides those listed above)

  • Autzen Foundation, 2002, 2004
  • Chambers Family Foundation, 2001 - 2002, 2003
  • City of Eugene Lane County Tourism Special Projects Grant, 2005
  • Eugene Rotary Club, 2006, 2006
  • Hoover Family Foundation, 2002
  • National Endowment for the Arts, Exemplary Grant, 1991 -1992
  • Oregon Arts Commission (various grants) 1983 - 2008 (annually) In 2010 K. Celeste Peterson has received a Career Opportunity Grant award from the Oregon Arts Commission for DanceAbility Teacher Certification.
  • Oregon Community Foundation, 1999 - 2000, and 2003 - 2004
  • Oregon Cultural Trust Grant, 2004 - 2005
  • A Territory Resource, 2000 - 2001
  • U.S. State Department, Cultural Service Division, Cultural Specialist Grant, 2001 - 2002
  • Woodard Family Foundation, 2002
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