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“When I was 17, I decided no one would ever get close to me, since no one could ever get past their fear about my body. But I knew I wasn’t my body. I decided then that since I couldn’t cultivate beauty with my body, I could at least cultivate a beautiful paradise inside. I resigned myself to accepting that I would never be able to share my inner paradise with others, and that I would have to live alone with it. But this weekend, for the first time in my life, this dancing has finally allowed me to share my inner paradise with others.”

~Sergio of Italy,

Workshop participant,

65 year old man with

cerebral palsy.

DanceAbility News

Recent News

  • 2008 promises to be a great year for DanceAbility International. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The big news this year is that DanceAbility International received a large donation from private investor Marisa de Leon (1911 - 2008), who was a Eugene resident, to spread DanceAbility in Latin America over the next ten years. Marisa’s home town of Montevideo, Uruguay will be the center of DanceAbility Latin America (read more »).
  • Several projects in Latin America are planned, including Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Puerto Madyrn, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay in May and a tour of Montevideo, and Santiago, Chile in November (read more »).
  • Artistic Director, Alito, has taken the DanceAbility method to several other international locations this year: ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Austria, Croatia, and Finland (read more »).
  • In March Alito was awarded an Artist Recognition Grant from Oregon Arts Commission to fund his trip to CI36 in Pennsylvania in June to share DanceAbility and his contact improvisation expertise.
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