Staff & Board of Directors

Alito Alessi

Founder // Creative Director

Any given time of the year you can find Alessi actively managing the big picture of DanceAbility from the DanceAbility headquarters office in Oregon, directing rehearsals for the DanceAbility Performance Company, or leading workshops and trainings in countries all over the world. 

John Watson

Managing Director


As head of day to day operations, John keeps the wheels turning and directs the smaller divisions within the broad spectrum of projects, events and networks that make up DanceAbility International. 

Jana Meszaros

Master Teacher // Programs Director // Rehearsal Director


An artist, performer and movement educator, Jana currently works to grow the presence of DanceAbility in Oregon and is a Master Teacher of the DanceAbility method. A Contributing Choreographer and performer for JFDC, she also directs the company in Alessi's absence. She has mentored with Alessi since 2015.

Madeleine Sisson

Certified Teacher // Assistant Administrator // Performance Company Intern


Madeleine is a performance art and dance instructor based in Oregon, USA. Her passions for movement outreach and social justice intersect with inclusive dance and the DanceAbility method. Certified in Rome in 2015, she now assists both the administrative team and the performance company, and has performed and spoken on behalf of DAI. 

2018 Board of Directors

To learn about potentially serving on the Board of Directors of DanceAbility International, please contact us.

Steve Christiansen, Behavioral Health Technology Consultant, President, Board of Directors

Connie Vandarakis, M.A., Master Teacher in DanceAbility, Vice-President, Board of Directors 

Frances Bronet, M.Sc President of Pratt Institute, Member of the Board

Ken Doxsee, Ph.D. Member of the Board

Celia Hughes, VSA Texas, Member of the Board

India Harville, Master Teacher in DanceAbility, Member of the Board

DanceAbility International

576 Olive Street Suite 208

Eugene, Oregon 97401 USA


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