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DanceAbility Photo Galleries

Since it's founding in 1987, DanceAbility has been seen or experienced by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The galleries below represent the work of the DanceAbility method from the home base of DanceAbility International, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, Alito Alessi's many projects and residencies around the world, as well as independent events and projects by Certified Teachers and Master Teachers within the global DanceAbility professional network. 

Workshops & Classes

The very first DanceAbility workshop was held in Eugene, Oregon, USA in 1987. Since then, Alito Alessi has spread the work, training educators to facilitate DanceAbility classes in their own communities.


Currently, DanceAbility workshops and classes are happening all over the world, taught by the many Certified Teachers and Master Teachers that are a part of our DanceAbility professional network. 


Through experiencing movement together, misconceptions and/or prejudices that able-bodied or disabled people might have about themselves and each other are uprooted. DanceAbility workshops provide a supportive atmosphere for attitudes to change, and for people to learn about the beauty and joy of communicating through movement.


To learn about DanceAbility around the world, click here


More than 600 people in forty-five countries have participated in month-long DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses. Some teachers use DanceAbility as their main method; some combine DanceAbility with various other methods. These independent teachers are served by the informal networking umbrella that DanceAbility International provides. There are also twenty Master Teachers of the DanceAbility method who lead trainings in their home countries. 


A Certification consists of DanceAbility method theory, pedagogical practice, and a practical experience in the concepts that make up the methodology. Each training ends with an "Informance" which you can read about below.


Click here for a full list of active DanceAbility teachers and Master Teachers around the world. 


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The DanceAbility Performance Company is a mixed-abilities dance company associated with the home base of DanceAbility International and operates out of Eugene, Oregon, USA. The company collaborates often with other artists, including live musicians, composers, architects, and other designers, and has performed all over the world. Artistic Director Alito Alessi also travels the world fulfilling choreographic projects using the DanceAbility method. 

Choreography and performance orientation are also key studies within the DanceAbility Certification trainings, and so there are also many mixed-abilities dance projects and companies that are run by, or involve work from Certified DanceAbility teachers and Master Teachers. Some of these projects are coproduced by DanceAbility International, and some of them are independently utilizing DanceAbility skills as part of their company activity. We are so proud to represent them here. 


One of the signature events of DanceAbility International are our "Street Parades" otherwise known as "Informances" which combine social activism with performance art. During these public dance performances, people of all abilities take to the streets to perform live site specific choreography and improvisational scores together. These events are meant to bring mixed-abilities out in the open, and to make a statement about accessibility by delivering a performance directly to the public, with no venue wall or ticket booth to separate those can come and those who cannot. 

Informances happen at the end of every DanceAbility Teacher Certification, and are also produced by DanceAbility communities around the world.