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DanceAbility Teacher Certification Trainings

Begin your next dance journey with us

Become a Certified DanceAbility Teacher

Looking for a way into the dance teaching world? Need more experience in dance improvisation? Do you have an interest in working in movement that is suitable for any body? This certification is for you!

Next DanceAbility Teacher Certification

Impuls Tanz, Vienna International Festival of Dance

What You Will Learn
This training will teach you the skills you need to be a DanceAbility teacher. You will learn through lecture and physical practice and leave with two handbook resources filled with DanceAbility exercises to help you plan successful lessons.

Skills practiced include: Use of choreographic elements (space, time and design), working with people with disability, how to teach a DanceAbility class to any demographic, lesson planning, making dances and much more! More details about the teacher certification can be found here.

Training Costs

The cost for this course is €1,650. 


There will be possibilities to create payment plans and or receive partial scholarships that can help you do the Certified Teacher training. Each payment plan or partial scholarship will require a deposit to begin and a payment plan agreement for each person who needs one.

How To Register

To register for this upcoming training, please visit this link. On this webpage you will find more details from the host about the workshop as well as two downloadable resources. One of these resources is a registration form you will be required to fill out and send directly to ImPulsTanz. They will also require a CV and a photo. All information about registration can be found on the webpage.

We are looking forward working together to help you become a Danceability instructor. Please feel free to contact us at or email Alito Alessi directly at for more information.


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