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Hi there, world wide web!

I'm writing you from the depths of a design session for this very website, it's mid-October and it will still be a few weeks before the site is live. When we first began this new website project, we dreamt of the future things we could create on this site - more content, creative ways for movement educators, dancers, participants and other interested humans to connect and share, etc. I've been 'weaving the web' for two months now, and have been enjoying connecting with Certified teachers all over the world through this updating process. I can only predict that the forward motion of the DanceAbility network will be moving us even closer together as we continue our work.

If you're reading this, that means this site is working, so feel free to drop a comment, or submit something from your part of the world that you might like to see as part of this blog.


Jana, Oregon, USA

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