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DanceAbility Asia, Caucasus & the Middle East


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DanceAbility Hong Kong 

DanceAbility International was awarded an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 2006. Alito was in Hong Kong four times over an eighteen month period to train people in the DanceAbility method and create a performance. The performance won the 2006 Choreography of the Year Award in Hong Kong and the show has been performed again in Hong Kong and toured in a few cities in China including Guangzhou and Guangdong where it was a part of the opening program for the Guangdong Modern Dance Week in 2008.


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DanceAbility in Korea

There are DanceAbility classes and workshops offered in Korea. 

For information about DanceAbility in Hong Kong and Korea, contact us.

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DanceAbility Azerbaijan

DanceAbility Certified Teacher Nigar Sultanova leads workshops, classes and performances as a formal affiliate of DanceAbility International. 

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