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DanceAbility USA

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DanceAbility International, our home base.

Founder Alito Alessi and staff run the DanceAbility Headquarters office. Active DanceAbility teachers Jana Meszaros (Master Teacher), Maria Antonieta Alvarez, Skylar Leal, Bakul Willard, Emery Blackwell, Karen Daly, Ilana Jakubowski, & Celeste Peterson teach and support the DanceAbility community in it's city of origin.

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Disability Art & Culture Project

Founders and directors of the Disability Art & Culture Project, Erik Ferguson and Kathy Coleman are Certified DanceAbility Teachers serving

Portland and surrounding areas. 

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Contact DACP

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Echo Theatre

Aaron Wheeler-Kay, a Master Teacher of the DanceAbility method and Creative Director of Echo Theatre, teaches DanceAbility workshops and choreographs mixed-abilities work in Portland. He also produces DanceAbility 5-Day Intensives in his area. 

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Spotlight Dance Center

Amanda Herman, a Certified DanceAbility Teacher and MFA

graduate of the University of Oregon dance program, is active in teaching

inclusive dance in the Seattle-Tacoma area.


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Infinity Dance

Sarah Furnish, a Master Teacher of the DanceAbility method leads classes and workshops in the Midwest. She also serves as director of Infinity Dance Company in Iowa City. 

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Spark Dance Program 

Michaela Knox is a Master Certified DanceAbility Teacher with a Masters degree in

Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. She founded Spark

Dance Program which serves Bath, Maine and surrounding areas. 

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Contact Spark Dance Program 

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DanceAbility in NC

Ashlee Ramsey, a Certified DanceAbility Teacher and MFA graduate of

Arizona State University dance program is active in teaching inclusive

dance in the Winston-Salem area. 

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Contact DanceAbility in North Carolina

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DanceAbility in Philadelphia

Connie Vandarakis, a Certified Master DanceAbility Teacher and former Associate Dean in the Division of Liberal Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, is an active teacher and choreographer. 

Read About Connie and DanceAbility

Contact DanceAbility in Philadelphia

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VSA Texas/ Forklift DanceWorks / Body Shift

DanceAbility board member Celia Hughes and DanceAbility Certified Teacher Olivia Whitmer, along with Master Teacher Veronica Dewitt operate Body Shift, a mixed-abilities organization that provides classes, workshops and performances to the Austin and surrounding areas. Their ongoing monthly class "Elements" is taught by a revolving staff of 18 Certified DanceAbility Teachers in the area. 

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Contact Body Shift

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Elsewhere in the USA

There are other certified DanceAbility teachers around the United States. To find out if there are DanceAbility teachers in your region, follow this link to the full list of Certified DanceAbility Teachers

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