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DanceAbility Around the World






The home base of DanceAbility® International is in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Artistic Director and founder, Alito Alessi, tours internationally about four months every year, teaching, performing, and choreographing for many groups. Eleven Certified Master DanceAbility Teachers in the Americas and Europe are also available to lead trainings

and can be booked through us. 

More than 600 people from orty five countries have participated in month-long DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses. Some teachers use DanceAbility as their main method; some combine DanceAbility with various other methods. These independent teachers are served by the informal networking umbrella that DanceAbility International provides. 

Through experiencing movement together, misconceptions and/or prejudices that able-bodied or disabled people might have about themselves and each other are uprooted. DanceAbility workshops provide a supportive atmosphere for attitudes to change, and for people to learn about the beauty and joy of communicating through movement.

These groups produce classes, workshops and events in conjunction with DanceAbility International headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Click the links below to find out more. 

Independent Organizations

These groups are run by Certified Teachers and consult with DanceAbility International for mentoring.

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DanceAbility Mexico
DanceAbility Austria
DanceAbility Chile
DanceAbility Columbia
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DanceAbility Norway

Formal Affiliates

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