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 Many countries in Europe have thriving DanceAbility communities. You can connect with European countries by browsing the links below, organized by country, or by visiting the DanceAbility Europe Facebook page. Also stay updated on future trainings by visiting the homepage. 

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DanceAbility Association and A.D.A.M., Vienna

Carina Kocher and Vera Rebl founded the DanceAbility Association in Vienna in 2006 after receiving DanceAbility training from founder Alito Alessi. They offer weekly classes and several weekend workshops, which end in performances. They also perform the Street Parade "Awaiting Spring". They founded the performance group Austrian DanceAbility Movement, known as A.D.A.M. which performs inclusive dance pieces for theaters. You can email Carina and Vera in German or English. 

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ImPulsTanz (Vienna International Dance Festival), Vienna

Every summer, thousands of professional dancers, choreographers and teachers from all over the world come together for five weeks in one city. Alito has been teaching at ImPulsTanz for over ten years. ImPulsTanz was one of the first major contemporary dance festivals to integrate mixed-abilities dance and has also produced two DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses in 2006 and 2007.

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DanceAbility in Cyprus

In 1998 and 1999 Alito Alessi and assistants led workshops and performances in three special education schools. The success with the children involved led the Youth Board and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture to expand the project to all special education schools throughout Cyprus. Contact to find out more about DanceAbility teachers in Cyprus.




DanceAbility Finland (DAF)

Alito taught short DanceAbility method workshops in Finland several times

between 1990 and 2006, in Helsinki, Oulu, and Kirkkonummi. DanceAbility Finland ry (DAF) was established in 2008 to promote inclusive dance nationally. DAF organized four-week DanceAbility Teacher Certification Courses in Finland in 2009 and 2015. There are 23 Certified DanceAbility Teachers in Finland. You can email in English or Finnish.

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Ensemble BewegGrund Trier

Master Teacher Maja Hehlen directs the BewegGrund Company and offers regular classes, workshops and performances that feature the DanceAbility method. This organization is in regular exchange with Alito Alessi. Maja has been a part of DanceAbility projects since 1996. She works alongside DanceAbility Master Teachers Tonja Rausch and Anne Cherel. 

You can email in German or in English.

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Association of DanceAbility e.V.

DanceAbility e.V. is a non-profit association for the promotion, support and representation of DanceAbility Methodology for Germany in the network of DanceAbility Europe and DanceAbility International. Here you can connect with other DanceAbility Teachers in Germany. DanceAbility e.V. is centralized in Trier, Germany.

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DanceAbility in Munich (Details coming soon)


DanceAbility in Greece

Theodora Tsirogianni is a DanceAbility teacher in Greece who is facilitating classes in Thessaloniki at the Spastic Society of Northern Greece. She also directs a mixed-abilities dance company called Athirma en troxois.There are also other DanceAbility Teachers in Greece.

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DanceAbility in these countries

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L'Associazione il Cortile/ContactArt in Milan

Laura Banfi is the founder of Il Cortile and a certified DanceAbility teacher.

You can email her in Italian or English.


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Danza Senza Limiti (Dreamtime Festival)

For more information, please contact Paola Banone, Artistic Director of Dreamtime Festival. You can write to her at this address:

Associazione Culturale Vi.d.A. Viaggiatori dell AnimaVia G. Murat 76 20159 Milano, Italy

You can also call: +39 026070619

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Associazione Cultural Onlus Ottavo Giorno in Padova (Padua)

Ottavo Giorno is one of the main promoters of Danceability in Veneto and in Northern Italy. The mission of this inclusive dance association founded in 1997 is to carry out dance and theatrical projects which foster the integration of able and disabled artists on stage. Ottavo Giorno promotes DanceAbility and dance and drama workshops for mixed–abilities groups. They also bring DanceAbility workshops to schools both for pupils and teachers, with the desire to spread the ideas of an integrated–oriented culture. There are also two artist groups,

Gruppo di Teatro Integrato, and Le Peschenoci.

You can contact Marina Giacometti, a certified DanceAbility teacher.


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Fuori Contesto

For more information, you can contact Emilia Martinelli, a certified DanceAbility teacher whose workshops are supported by Rome Municipal Administration and the Lazio Region. 

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DanceAbility in Schio

Click here to email Pierluigi Zonzin in Italian, one of two certified DanceAbility teachers in Schio.



CHORONDE PROGETTO EDUCATIVO Company produced the DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course in Rome led  by Alito Alessi in 2015 and 2018.

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Elsewhere in Europe

Follow this link to the full list of Certified DanceAbility Teachers