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Our Mission

DanceAbility International’s mission is to encourage the evolution of mixed-abilities dance by cultivating a common ground for creative expression for all people. The mission is accomplished through performance, educational programs, teacher training and workshops.

The work of DanceAbility International helps decrease
prejudice and misconceptions
about diversity in the
field of dance, and by
extension in society.

“I believe that DanceAbility goes beyond movement exploration and is, for many people their first opportunity to define themselves in their own terms and see that this dance form, like their lives, has many options and possibilities.”

~Susan Sygall,

Executive Director,

Mobility International U.S.A.

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What’s Happening

  • A new session of the teens class will begin January 14th on Wednesdays at 3:45p.m-4:45p.m. until March 11th, 2015 taught by Kellee Blanchard. Registration can be done online with Eugene Recreation at 541-682-5311, at their website , or in person at any City of Eugene Community/Recreation center. The cost of the class is $100. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, so scholarships are available by contacting us at 541-342-3272, or our email .
  • A second-level DanceAbility Master Trainer’s Course will be in Uruguay in January, 2015 from January 26th to February 13th, 2015. For more information regarding this event, please click here.
  • Long time dancer Emery Blackwell, of Eugene, Oregon, is retiring from his volunteer work with DanceAbility International, after 24 years. To honor Blackwell's legacy, we have created the Emery Blackwell Legacy Fund, to help spread the joy of dance. For more information, please visit our blog.
  • The next DanceAbility Teacher Certification Courses will be in Austin, Texas, and Helsinki, Finland, in 2015. Details will be posted soon. A second-level DanceAbility Master Trainer’s Course will be in Uruguay in January, 2015.
  • After the Sept. 7th “DanceAbility Day” event in Vancouver, B.C., there is good buzz about future DanceAbility events in Vancouver. If you’re not on our mailing list yet, and are interested in future Vancouver-area events, click the round, orange “mailing list” button at right or click here.
  • On November 1st, 2013, our show, Don’t Leave Me premiered in Eugene. Lead designer Frances Bronet and composer Jeffrey Stolet collaborated in dance, space and music to create this new full-length dance piece. Check out this review from Oregon Arts Watch.
  • To get involved with DanceAbility in Eugene, Oregon, try this DanceAbility method-based class: Certified DanceAbility Teachers Celeste Peterson and Emery Blackwell lead a dance improvisation workshop the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. See our calendar and their website for details (go to their Arts and Culture section, as well as the Schedule and Registration sections).
  • Check out our YouTube video that gives an overview of our work, as we celebrate 25 years of groundbreaking dance.
  • In the Eugene area, there are some businesses that will automatically give a percentage of your bill to DanceAbility International! Through their participation with eScrip or GoodDining, Market of Choice, Sizzle Pie, Davis, Turtle’s, Cornucopia, B2 Wine Bar, and others will help us provide more free or low-cost dance programming with your help! See our Donations Page for easy sign-up details.
  • Remember to follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook
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