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     Youth Outreach

DanceAbility International performs in schools for thousands of children each year, working with partners such as VSArts, Young Audiences in Portland and Lane Arts Council in Eugene. Extension curriculum is provided alongside the performances to create classroom dialogue, and educate children about the potential of people with and without disabilities. 

Please click here to learn more about our featured Youth Outreach performances, Wheels of Fortune and Wizard of Odds.

Teacher’s Guide & Curriculum for Youth Outreach Performances

The Teacher’s Guide is a valuable resource with multiple purposes. We hope that you will be able to use some or all of these materials to integrate our performance into your curriculum, thus enriching and deepening the learning experience. We recommend that you both prepare your students for the performance and provide follow-up, so that students have the opportunity to not only enjoy the assembly, but to learn valuable lessons about cultural competence and inclusive learning communities. The more the students are aware of these ideas, the more they will be able to enjoy-and learn from-the dance performance.






Youth Outreach Assembly Fee

The cost for an assembly is $445 for one performance, or $575 for two assembly performances in the same day in the Eugene, Springfield area. Travel expenses will be required for assembly requests outside of the Eugene, Springfield area. Beyond 120 miles from Eugene, the cost for one performance is $500 or if an overnight is required the cost is $750. The fee for an out of state assembly will be negotiated on a case by case basis. DanceAbility International is involved in raising money on an ongoing basis to support school assemblies through grants and private donations; if you need assistance, please let us know.


Dancers need the following arrangements: 

  • A gymnasium or cafeteria or large conference room with wood or linoleum flooring

  • A room nearby for costume changes

  • CD player

  • Chairs for children sitting in the rear of the room to assist with viewing

If you are interested in bringing a performance to your school please contact us here.


Alito_Emery school performance by Richar
“Alito and Emery did a wonderful job of teaching the children about disabilities. The program was well planned to include the children. I would highly recommend this program to any school. It helped children become more knowledgeable and comfortable with people who are ‘the same but different’.” 

- Connie Hanson, Teacher
Mt. Vernon School, Oregon
“The performance was wonderful for many reasons. It was a profound and moving experience. It could be related to any subject matter.”
- Nanci McChesney-Henry
Teacher, Sheldon High School
Eugene, Oregon

“We have many students who would otherwise not have the opportunity for attending an assembly of your caliber. All of our students expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for this event. Your visit generated a lot of great discussions throughout the school.”

- Sara Cramer, Principal
River Road Elementary, Oregon
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