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DanceAbility® Workshops


DanceAbility® workshops vary in length depending on the needs and interests of groups and communities, ranging from one hour to multiple days or weeks. The DanceAbility® Teacher Certification Course is four weeks long, and an abbreviated Teacher IntensiveCourse can be taught in either one or two weeks.


Three Day DanceAbility® Workshop

A three day workshop includes the following: 

  • foundation exercises introducing basic concepts of movement improvisation to people of all abilities, based on things that can be done by ALL participants 

  • introduction to the unique language of each person’s body

  • how to communicate non-verbally with a partner

  • how to communicate non-verbally in larger groups

  • work in self-directing small groups to shape short dance pieces

  • integration of “Contact Improvisation,” learning to improvise using physical contact

  • optional: a pre-workshop orientation meeting (1 – 2 hours) with a video demonstration, open to prospective participants and the general public and interested organizations

  • optional: a public performance at the conclusion of the workshop where participants show some of the short pieces they’ve designed and/or a demonstration of some group improvisations. This event is usually held in a gym or studio.


One or Two Week DanceAbility® Workshop

A one or two week DanceAbility workshop includes all of the components of the three day workshop with an additional focus area that is agreed upon in advance, based on the interests of the group or community. Areas of focus include the following:


  • Performance Presentation: Participants focus on preparing a formally choreographed performance piece with or without live music held in a theater for the public.

  • Street Parades: Participants focus on designing and coordinating a unique and lively street parade at a designated site specific public location. Street parades following a DanceAbility Workshop have been performed in the following locations:

    • Train Station, Hanover, Germany

    • Shopping Mall, Amsterdam, Holland

    • Duomo, The Galleria, Theater de Scala, Milan, Italy

    • Museum Quarter, Vienna, Austria

    • Dampensthraller Theatre, Bern, Switzerland

    • Street Market, Bern, Switzerland

    • Centro Ricoletta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Sesc Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    • Schio Solidale Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, Schio, Italy;
       You Tube Video: Schio 2005

    • Center for Community Cultural Development, Wang Chi, Hong Kong

    • TUFA Dance Institut, Trier, Germany

    • FIDODA, Rotterdam Mall, Rotterdam, Holland

  • Workshop Demonstrations/Performances: Participants focus on preparing and performing informal presentations of the short performance pieces created in the workshop to the public.


DanceAbility® Teacher Intensive Course

You will learn how to teach the activities in the above Three Day DanceAbility Workshop

  • DanceAbility Teacher Orientation Courses teach basic DanceAbility exercises and theory for immediate application by dance educators, teachers, therapists, and dancers, who want to share movement improvisation and/or mixed-abilities inclusive dance in their communities.

Information and registration: or Telephone: 541-357-4982



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